Designed and built to meet and exceed the highest international quality standards, Federal Tyres range of Performance, Premium Touring, 4×4 and Commercial tyres provide excellent value and performance.


595 RS-R

Outstanding grip
Improved traction in wet conditions
Enhanced durability

Super Steel 595

Balanced all-season driving
High speed stability and traction
Comfortable ride at high speed

Evoluzion ST-1

Optimised wet and dry traction
Enhanced cornering stability
Maximised steering accuracy

Premium Touring

Formoza AZ01

High performance Luxurious driving experience Wet/dry performance Comfort and safety

Formoza FD2

Confident all-season handling
Better fuel efficiency
Quiet and comfortable ride

Formoza GIO

Maximum fuel efficiency
Low-rolling resistance
All-season traction
Comfortable ride

Super Steel 657

Excellent all-rounder
Wet and dry performance
Long tread life
Quiet and comfortable ride


Xplora A/P

Excellent mileage
Good off-road grip
Enhanced driving comfort
Comfort and safety

Xplora A/T

Improved tyre life Improved wet traction Comfortable ride Comfort and safety

Xplora R/T

Smooth, quiet ride Confident traction Excellent on-road handling Tyre protection

Xplora M/T

Maximum off-road grip
Improved safety & durability
Comfortable ride
Quiet ride

Couragia F/X

Designed to deliver pure driving
excitement and dynamic, sporty

Couragia XUV

Superb handling, all-season
traction, and comfort

Couragia M/T

Maximum off-road traction
Self-cleaning tread design
Designed to be strong and tough
New compound has increased tread life



Ecovan ER01

Designed for commercial vans
Optimal balance of durability,
longevity, and fuel efficiency

Ecovan ER02

Tough, robust tyre
Increased stability for safety under load
Low noise tread design


A work-horse for mini-trucks. Engineered towithstand higher loading capacity
Economy, durability, and value all-in-one.